RwandaUnique experienceWildlife

We were lucky to be invited by the Rwanda Development Board to take part in a week of activities to support and promote sustainable conservation with a focus on the mountain gorillas.
With less than 900 mountain gorillas left in the wild, the species is critically endangered. So you can imagine how excited we were to be given an opportunity to help raise awareness.

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Unique experienceUnited States

As a traveller, do you tend to go back to places you loved, or do you travel to new destinations? Tough question, isn’t it? We usually prefer to explore new places – our planet is so big! However this time, it’s different. We came to Hawaii a few years ago but only had time to visit the main island: Oahu. And while some places are great, it didn’t really meet the high expectations we had for Hawaii. So we decided to give it another go. And we’re so happy we did!
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AustraliaUnique experience

It has been raining everyday for a few days now. It’s Sydney’s cheeky way to remind us that summer is over. And when we wake up this morning, it’s cloudy again. We usually don’t mind, but today, we are climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge; and it’s kind of a big deal. After 7 years living here, we discovered that Sydneysiders and tourists alike love the bridge as much as the Opera House and most people want to climb it as part of their bucket list.
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