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As a traveler, do you tend to go back to places you loved, or do you travel to new destinations? Tough question, isn’t it? We usually prefer to explore new places – our planet is so big! However this time, it’s different. We came to Hawaii a few years ago but only had time to visit the main island: Oahu. And while some places are great, it didn’t really meet the high expectations we had for Hawaii. So we decided to give it another go. And we’re so happy we did!
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How to rent a campervan on a budget in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada...
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You’ve always dreamed of exploring faraway lands in a van? Can you already see yourself driving across Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Canada, admiring the landscape from your campervan? What if I told you that it can become true, for $1 a day, would you believe me? It seems to good to be true right… but it’s real, we’ve done it several times, thanks to campervan’s relocation.

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