Why you should go to Kangaroo Island [Photos/Video]

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We travelled to a few amazing places in Australia in the few years we lived here. We hadn’t heard much about Kangaroo Island, but decided to check it out as it sounded like wildlife haven. I’m so happy we did as our trip was incredible.

Let me introduce you to the beautiful Kangaroo Island with this video, first:

What do you think? Is that a good teaser? 🙂

After reading this post you’ll know everything about the highlights of Kangaroo Island. We also give you some tips on how to make the most of your trip on this incredible island.


Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island
I have to start with one of the “emblems” of Kangaroo Island. The 500 million year old Remarkable Rocks are pictured on most tourism images. This is a must see!
We were lucky to spend over an hour enjoying the view and wandering around on our own. Those huge granite boulders are really impressive.

Go at sunrise or sunset when the light is at its best. We visited the Remarkable Rocks at sunrise. The light really complimented these incredible formations. If you’re lucky and get there very early you might even have the place for yourself for a bit.


Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch, Kangaroo Island
This beautiful landmark is located in the Flinders Chase National Park, not far from the Remarkable Rocks.
New Zealand fur seals are always sunbathing, playing or resting on the rocks.

The best time to see the Admirals Arch is at sunset. Look at this incredible light.


Ironstone Hill walk

Ironstone Hill walk, Kangaroo Island
We did the Ironstone Hill walk when we first arrived on the island. It was an amazing introduction to what was going to come. The landscapes were incredible and we had our first glimpse at the wildlife of KI.

Keep your eyes open for your chance to see cute little Tammar wallabies.


Pristine and secluded beaches

Western River Cove, Kangaroo Island
There are plenty of beautiful beaches on Kangaroo Island. Western River Cove (pictured) is incredible and far enough from the main attractions, for you to have chances to be the only person admiring the beach. There’s a lot of small and unspoilt beaches on KI, especially on the north coast.
You can also find yourself wandering alone on the long beach of Antechamber Bay, in the Dudley Peninsula!

Discover the island for yourself and find your perfect beach! Pick a beach on google maps and try it. Chances are, it will be amazing!


Seal Bay

Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island
Seal Bay supports the third largest colony of Australian sea lions. Those fascinating creatures are listed as endangered and vulnerable. Can you spot them on the picture?
On top of encountering these beautiful creatures you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful bay view.

There’s an entrance fee:
– $16 per adult for the boardwalk self-guided tour, no beach access. No time limit, just check the closing time as it varies depending on the season
– $33 per adult for the 45min tour on the beach, including the boardwalk self-guided tour as well

We went with the first option. We had a lot of fun watching the seals from the boardwalk and felt that was good enough 🙂


Bald Hill

Bald Hill, Kangaroo Island
Bald Hill makes a very nice walk. The landscape is very different in this area of the island. The view on the lake and the mangrove is spectacular and you can even enjoy a little preview of Little Sahara before discovering the sand dunes.
We saw some crazy shaped spiders, spiny orbweavers, on our way there. Keep your eyes open!


Little Sahara

Little Sahara, Kangaroo Island sand dunes
You want to know what it feels like being in the desert :D. Then this spot on KI, is for you! You can hire a sandboard or just walk in the middle of the dunes of Little Sahara.



Swim with wild dolphins, Kangaroo Island
The fauna on the island won’t disappoint you. You can see echidnas, koalas, seals, dolphins, … and kangaroos of course. There are plenty of Eastern Grey Kangaroos and cute little Tammar Wallabies. I heard someone say once “they shouldn’t have called it Kangaroo Island, we didn’t see a single Kangaroos when we were there”… not sure how that happened… We saw hundreds of Kangaroos everywhere, especially at dawn and at dusk. You can also stumble upon them in national parks, during the day, relaxing under trees…
Wildlife is everywhere on the island but you need to keep your eyes open. 🙂

We also had the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins… I have to say it was an incredible experience… you can read everything about it and see photos in this post.

If you have spare time after visiting these spots, there’s a lot of other places to discover, like Vivonne Bay, Cape Willoughby, Stokes Bay…
One thing is certain, you won’t get bored on the beautiful and unspoiled Kangaroo Island!


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  • Such a fun adventure! xo Loren

  • superbes photos et très bonne présentation de cette ile paradisiaque !!!!
    merci beaucoup pour ce partage…

    • Merci Teddy! Ça fait plaisir que tu nous suives 🙂
      C’est une ile qui vaut le détour. Il y a peux de gens qui visitent Kangaroo Island. J’espère avoir motivé quelques voyageurs à découvrir ce petit bout de paradis.

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